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The D10/0 System Reference manual. D10/0 is a game system that attempts to be flexible and malleable, but in no shape or form universal. There's particular ways that system components operate, but a great deal of freedom/lack of rules in how they have to interact with each other.

Creative Commons License The D10/0 System Reference Document is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

Direct PDF Link (Beta Version)

D10/0 Agent Sheet PDF Link

Want to make your own game with D10/0 system? Want to customize the character sheet? Or just want to borrow parts and pieces of the character sheet for your own purposes? Well, here you go. The InDesign and Illustrator files that compose the D10/0 agent (character) sheet. Have fun!

D10/0 Agent Sheet Front (Illustrator)

D10/0 Agent Sheet Back (Illustrator)

TheDude (Illustrator)

Best With Stuff Logo (Illustrator)

D10/0 Logo (Illustrator)

Saecula Mutata (D10/0 Setting)

The Setting for the D10/0 system. The title has changed a few times as I try to find one that fits (and isn't already horribly overused).

Welcome to the Post-Post-Apocalypse. The humans on planet Wiskedak reach astounding advances in scientific knowledge, but not quite enough wisdom to match. Something went wrong. That's the best the experts can determine, since whoever knew exactly what happened wasn't around after IT happened. Unlike most apocalyptic tales, this Event wasn't the end of world. The sharp increase in strange phenomena, the paranoia between nations, and public panic started a complicated domino effect that developed into a massively parallel, distributed, composite apocalypse. The largest nations imploded sprouting civil wars as they desparately attempted to remain intact at all costs. Smaller nations, feeling the ever watchful gaze upon the gone, decided to settle all old scores all at once. And the people caught between just tried to survive. All the while, a strange new presence entered the world and humanity's future competition was tucked away. This was the Fall.

It is now 250 Post Fall. The world has rebuilt itself to some degree, but it is only a mere fraction of what it once was. Humans are no longer the only top species: Mutants, Genetically Engineered, and AI's are part of the world scene. All the while, the presence called E.V. interacts with the world in strange ways that are just being studied.

Direct PDF Link ("Not even close to Alpha" Version)

Rough Sketch Portraits of the Species

Human, Prazirasse, Sctillia (Feral), Nisha

Aavemiehet, Mech'Tic

Example Agent Sheets

31337 - The Mech'Tic Field Engineer/Hacker: Front - Back

Cynthia - The Mutant Sniper: Front - Back

Maverick - The Aavemiehet Rogue: Front - Back

Nuria - The Sctillia Martial Artist: Front - Back

Thud - The Tekioshu Shotgun Bruiser: Front - Back

Genetic Reject Employment Bureau

The G.R.E.B. is a tabletop role-playing game where the players take on the roles of genetic rejects from the various genetic engineering projects of the future’s past, while they try to maintain something that could be misconstrued as employment. This task is never easy given a world that’s a disturbingly comedic parody of what everyone thought the future was suppose to be. The G.R.E.B. is a humor driven game where some of the wildest ideas are explored, expanded upon, exploited, and sometimes exterminated for the betterment of all.

Direct PDF Link (2nd Alpha Draft)

Just Another Day - Two Page Tabletop RPG

Designed as the first entry into Top Secret Games' Two Page Tabletop contest, this one is set in the cyberpunk future about various group that fight against corporate interests to aid the dystopia of tomorrow.

Just Another Day Two Page PDF

Just Another Day Two Page PDF (Logo and Margin text removed)

Just Another Day Two Page InDesign File

Background Illustrator File

Character Sheet Illustrator File

21XX: Fall of the Masters - Two Page Tabletop RPG

Designed as the second entry into Top Secret Games's Two Page Tabletop contest, this is set in the future where players play a squad of fighting robots sent into various zones to do battle with robot masters that have gone out of control.

21XX: Fall of the Masters Two Page PDF

21XX: Fall of the Masters Two Page PDF (Logo and Margin text removed)

21XX: Fall of the Masters Indesign File

Background Illustrator File

Character Illustrator File

Liberal Crime Squad Role Playing Game (LCSRPG) - The Graphical Character Sheet

I designed a graphical character sheet as a donation to the development of this game. I recycled and tweaked the layout of my D10/0 System agent sheet to fit the bill. I've attempted to stylize the character sheet after LCS, but LCS doesn't give much to work with in that department. I haven't had a chance to play the game, but the recorded sessions are quite entertaining.

LCSRPG Graphical Character Sheet (PDF)

LCSRPG Graphical Character Sheet (InDesign Source)

The Dude Illustrator File (For the InDesign Source)

More Info About Liberal Crime Squad

Liberal Crime Squad is a game originally made by Bay 12 Games, that was then open sourced. You can get the latest version here:

It is a strange beast to describe. So, I would highly recommend taking a look at the Let's Plays done by JefMajor and Grimith. They will do far more in explaining the very strange nature of the game than I could by written word.

JefMajor's Let's Play - Liberal Crime Squad:

Grimith's Let's Get On With It - Liberal Crime Squad:

NOTE: These videos are the very early work of these two. They've much improved over the time these were released. Take a look at their other work.

More Info About Liberal Crime Squad Role Playing Game (LCSRPG)

LCSRPG is the product of Grimith. You can get the info about the current state of development here:

For any more information about the game, please redirect your questions towards Grimith as he's authority in this manner. I was just the hapless schmuck that generated a character from existing assets in afternoon while waiting for laundry and gave it the cause.